Specialised Concrete Pumping │ Concrete Slabs in Melbourne
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Civil Pumping

Specialised Concrete Pumping

With a population of roughly 4.5 million and playing host to over one million international visitors per year, Melbourne construction and infrastructure has been expanding rapidly in order to accommodate.
From the removal of level crossings, to tram works, train tunnels to the widening of bridges, Melbourne’s infrastructure is quickly evolving. Always Concrete Pumping, has and continues to, deliver high volume liquid concrete to help Melbourne’s Civil infrastructure grow. Whatever your concrete pumping requirements, we have the technical expertise to meet your project criteria, to specification.

Some of the projects that we’ve been involved with include Dams, reservoirs, gutter/kerb and channels for roads, bridges, wind turbine bases, rail works and public transport.


Setting the industry standard for safety

Our teams meet all industry standards and licensing requirements. In wanting to offer the best protection for our employees, and those we work with, we have a well-trained, professional work force and regularly maintained equipment. And for this fact we have been rewarded with an untarnished safety record and a loyal work force.
From PPE (Personal Protective equipment) to preparation and operation, Always Concrete Pumping always ensures that safety is paramount.

Tram Tracks Melbourne CBD
Tram Tracks Melbourne CBD

More than just Concrete Slabs in Melbourne

Civil projects often require specialised concrete pumping, whether it be to implement modern construction with the more historic, or to add to existing infrastructure. Always Concrete Pumping understands this, and as such, can develop strategies to meet the logistical demands, and use our years of technical experience to provide effective solutions.
From the hard to reach multi-storey developments to areas with little access, our extensive fleet can pump concrete to the intended location, on time, every time. Our fleet includes:
Boom Pumps | Line Pumps | Static Pumps | Spray Pumps


Get expert assessment

Our knowledge regarding civil infrastructure allows us to make keen site assessments and offer practical timeframes towards a successful project outcome. With a flexibility in scheduling to our ability to co-ordinate with other departments, our concrete pump operators and hosemen can keep construction moving on schedule.

Civil Pumping