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Commercial Pumping

Commercial Concrete Pumping and Melbourne Development

Working with many projects in and around the Melbourne CBD, Always Concrete Pumping has helped shape the iconography of Melbourne. And with the rapid pace of development, the landscape of commercial construction has changed with a focus towards safety and efficacy. We have evolved with the industry, taking a safety based focus, and developing strategies for efficient, high volume concrete delivery. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Our Commitment to Work health and safety

One of the reasons we are Melbourne’s chosen Concrete Pumping Contractor, is that our care for our employees means proper diligence in all aspects of worksite safety. Our teams meet all industry standards and licensing requirements.
From preparation and planning, to Employee training, supervision, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and coordination with other contractors we ensure that the highest Workplace Health and Safety and all standards are maintained.
Whether it’s boom placement, the fitting of outriggers, or operational safety -trust Always Concrete Pumping- whose untarnished safety record is another reason our pump operators and hosemen work for us.

Get an expert assessment

Customers often call us when other pumping companies fail to deliver on a project. We can carry out a site assessment, determining the best way to get your project back on track. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we’ll work with you, to suit your needs. For professional, safe and fast project completion, contact Always Concrete Pumping.


Always Concrete Pumping

With over a decade working in and amongst some of the largest Commercial projects in Melbourne, we have grown from a small but strong foundation, to industry leaders in reliable and efficient concrete pumping. Our technical expertise affords us the ability to complete the job in an efficient and timely manner, which means on budget.
Regarding the logistics of Commercial concrete pumping, no project is too large, and no space too small. With our highly maintained and versatile fleet, we deliver concrete to its intended location every time. Our fleet includes:
Boom Pumps | Line Pumps | Static Pumps | Spray Pumps

Melbourne Regent Theatre
Melbourne Regent Theatre