Concrete Pumping Melbourne | Line Pump | Boom Pump Hire
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Our Fleet of Concrete Pumping Equipment

As our reputation grew, safety requirements changed and the industry evolved. Meaning the requirements from project to project changed and developed. So too, did our fleet which grew from just a few concrete pump trucks to a versatile array of the latest in concrete pumping equipment.

In keeping with project demands we have now pump concrete in high volumes on the largest of scales, from stadiums to Multi-Storey developments. And our equipment can be tailored to reach the difficult areas, and is frequently serviced for dependable results every time.

Boom Pumps

A far reaching articulating arm that can deliver high volume liquid concrete, and save hours in labour costs. Our Concrete Boom Pump trucks complete the biggest jobs in the most difficult to reach locations.

Line Pumps

Our Line pumps are regularly maintained and operated by expert operators and hosemen. All the while adhering to the highest regulations of safety and licensing. Contact us today to see if Line Pumps are suitable for your project.

Static Pumps

Our trailer based Static pumps are highly effective, and can be utilised on many diverse and large-scale projects. Ideal for projects with adequate access, our Static pumps provide liquid concrete at speeds that save hours in time and labour.

Spray Pumps

Whether it is the reinforcement of tunnels or spray concrete for walls and infrastructure, trust Always Concrete Pumping to assess, schedule and deliver concrete, quickly with the highest quality workmanship and professionalism.

Let us Scope out your project demands

Let us make an on-site assessment to determine the needs of your project. We can provide you with a custom quote, tailored only with what you need to meet your project demands. We offer flexible scheduling and professional service, whether it be Industrial, Civil, Commercial or Residential.