Concrete Pumping in Geelong │Always Concrete Pumping
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Quality Concrete Pumping in Geelong

As Victoria’s second largest city, Geelong is quickly developing to rival the expansion of sister city Melbourne. There have been significant upgrades to Civil infrastructure, Industrial as well as Commercial expansion. With a large boon of over 48% in population growth predicted between 2011 and 2036, a strong focus has been taken towards Residential housing and apartments.

Always Concrete Pumping has been a part of these initiatives, offering expert concrete pumping in Geelong, as well as quality workmanship that will help to facilitate such rapid development.


The Experienced Concrete Contractors

With over a decade of precision concrete delivery on construction and infrastructure projects, our expertise saves time and money. With technical expertise upheld by the industry standards of safety, and the ability to adapt to all logistical challenges, Always Concrete Pumping has become leaders in the industry for reliably efficient service.

Have a project in development?

Let Always Concrete Pumping offer a comprehensive assessment of the project site. Our ability to be forthright with cost and timeframes can help to establish the parameters of your project. With flexible scheduling, an unmatched ability to meet tight deadlines and still provide quality concrete delivery is why We are Geelong’s preferred Concrete contractors.